Stated Income Commercial Real Estate

Use an Alternative Financing Solution to Grow Your Business

Whether you are getting ready to launch a startup or have an established corporation, you know that running a successful business requires the right type of financing. Many companies choose to secure traditional bank loans for the financing they need to thrive. While this is a good solution for some businesses, others need access to alternative financing solutions. Falcon Capital Funding offers stated income commercial real estate loans with competitive terms for businesses of all types and sizes.

What Makes a Stated Income Loan Unique?

Stated income loans differ from other types of financing in three specific ways. While traditional loans offer you financing, the funds are often designated for specific purposes. However, you are free to use the money from a stated income loan in any way that will benefit your company. You may choose to renovate, build inventory, launch a marketing campaign, consolidate debt or enrich your business in any other way.

Stated income loans are approved based on property value rather than credit history, so they are easier to qualify for than other types of financing. Even businesses with poor or limited credit histories can secure stated income commercial real estate loans if they own property with a value that is greater than the cost of its mortgage, taxes and insurance.

Finally, stated income loans require minimal paperwork. Less documentation means that this type of loan is typically approved more quickly than other forms of financing.

What Can You Expect From a Stated Income Loan?

Flexibility is the major benefit of stated income loans. Falcon Capital Funding extends the following terms to qualified borrowers:

  • Loan-to-vale rates between 65% and 75% depending on property type
  • 25-year loan periods with fixed rates
  • Documentation for self-employment

Apply Today for Flexible Financing

If you want the freedom to enrich your business in any way you decide is necessary, a stated income commercial real estate loan could be a wonderful avenue of financing. Contact Falcon Capital Funding today to apply for this financial solution and see if you qualify.